On Friday, October 31, 2014 all Spinnerei galleries are closed.
From 6 pm the spinnerei galleries kindly invites you to the following exhibition openings:
maerzgalerie (plus)*
Robert Stieghorst »Cameo – thirteen Entelechies« 
ASPN Galerie
Famed, Michael Gumhold, Wolfgang Plöger, Nadim Vardag »Suspended By Ourselves«
b2 Galerie
Katharina Immekus »SHING-A-LING«
Gast: Franziska Holstein
Galerie Dukan Paris/Leipzig
Bayrol Jimenez & Ulrike Theusner »De Grands Yeux Morts«
Spinnerei archiv massiv
Johannes Denda »VERTEX«
05.11.2014 (Wednesday)

05.11.2014 - 20.11.2014

Schauspiel Leipzig - Residence At Spinnerei

Premiere: »The Dybbuk« or Dolores it’s time to hang up the castanets
Artists in Residence - Anna Natt
A cooperation with Schauspiel Leipzig and euro-scene Leipzig

direction and dance: Anna Natt / video: Hannah Sieben, René Heinrich / musical direction: Ludwig Böhme/ attended by Leipziger Synagogalchor

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