a room that...

The platform for the arts a room that… was initiated by the non-profit organisation ArtRoom gUG in early 2012. It provides an experimental space mainly for women artists who find themselves in the passage of the art academy and the market. a room that… provides 12 Art-in-Residence opportunities and a showroom on the premises of Spinnerei Leipzig. The program encourages collaborative artistic practices and a wide public to get in closer contact with the growing art scene. In addition we want to strengthen the interest of collectors in contemporary art.
a room that… takes its role in creating a dialogue between different generations of artists and art lovers. The main topic of the current period 2014/15 is Transition and Migration. It affects the art space's organizational structure as well as aesthetic discussions that are brought up in exhibitions and evening venues called a talk that.... The focus lies on the wishes and challenges connected with the transition to a next generation. 
a room that…
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