A place for dance

The ICZ combines artistic and educational activities. Besides high standard preliminary ballet training it also offers the chance for those beginning later in life or returning after an interruption to rediscover the joy of dance. The ICZ is a laboratory for creative work, giving young choreographers a space to realize their ideas and develop their creativity.


The Residenz: A playground by the „Schauspiel Leipzig“
For the programmatic orientation of the Residenz the centre of attention lies clearly on connecting different genres of art. The Residenz is an opportunity to play and produce given by the Schauspiel Leipzig. Through a project called „artists in residence“ an experiment was started: Going beyond regular theater. During a period of 6 to 8 weeks the collective, performers ad actors (who were invited) will deal with the different kinds of theater in their own unique ways. The centre of attention during this project lies on the freedom to connect different art forms and contents. Dancing and the fine arts are involved as well as performances of speech and music.