21.02.2020 (Friday)

21.02.2020 - 04.04.2020

Der River


The river is an enigma. It carries things, it is deep and it is shallow, it is murky and it's clear, it takes you places. You can swim or you can drown. The river is fast and it is slow. It's life and death. There is the source and there is the sea. The river is wide and it's narrow. It's us and them. It's the past and the future. It's you and me.

With: Tizian Baldinger I Marie Boiselle I Federico Braunschweig I Natalie Brehmer I Merabi Danelia I Julia Emslander I Erik Esso I Philipp Eyrich I Peter Feermann I Moritz Haas & Robert Bergmann I Jakob Harms I Josepha Hartmann I Brigitte Hoffman I Christian Holze I Kaoru Hoshino I Angelika Huber I Lou Jaworski I Daniela Koch I Lara Koch I Lisa Marie Konietzny I Jaemin Lee I Sophie Lindner I Katsuhiko Matsubara I Frank Moll I Maria Moritz I Matthew Muir I Eva Maria Neubauer I Ly Nguyen I Peter Oberloher I Anton Ostler I Liting Pan I Jonathan Regen I Chis Range I Merlin Reichart I Boris Saccone I Christian Schreiber I Gemma Solà I Ludwig Stalla I Franz Stein I Anna Steward I Milen Till I Daniel Vier I Xiyao Wang I Albrecht Wilke I Kay Yoon I Esther Zahel

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Event archives 2013

15.11.2013 (Friday)

15.11.2013 - 16.11.2013

LIA: GROUP SHOW "Space for Change"

We would cordially like to invite you to the Group Show “Space for Change” taking place at the Spinnerei Leipzig. The international artists Ivan Gorshkov (Russia), Stephanie Pooley (Chile), David Ralph (Australia) and Maja Sofranac (Montenegro) will show their works made during their residency stay in Leipzig.

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21.09.2013 (Saturday)

21.09.2013 - 22.09.2013

INVITED - guest galleries at the Werkschauhalle

Here you will find an overview of the international guest galleries and artists at the Werkschauhalle during the Herbstrundgang on the 21./22. September.

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17.09.2013 (Tuesday)

17.09.2013 - 22.09.2013

Autumn gallery tour 2013

Again, the SPINNEREI cordially invites you to the Autumn Gallery Tour. On September 21 and 22, 2013 at 11 am all of the galleries and exhibition spaces open up new exhibitions of various art positions.

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17.06.2013 (Monday)

17.06.2013 - 24.06.2013

PANEL discussion in the WERKSCHAU: »The artist as social conscience«

Panel discussion on June 23rd 2013, noon, Werkschau

"The artist as social conscience"
Introduction and presentation:
Mark Gisbourne, writer and art critic
Prof. Arno Rink, artist
Miriam Vlaming, artist
Rayk Goetze, artist
Francis Mallett, curator The Lenkiewicz Foundation
Spinnereistr.7/Halle 12
04179 Leipzig
The panel discussion takes place on occasion of the exhibition: Robert Lenkiewicz »Menschliches, Allzumenschliches«

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