13.12.2017 (Wednesday)

18.11.2017 - 13.01.2018

Anniversary exhibition - 10 Years Karin Abt-Straubinger Foundation

© Lucia Dellefant, Where is your courage?, 2016
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of her endowment for the arts, Karin Abt-Straubinger has arranged an exhibit titled „Kunst ist schön und macht Freude” (Art is Beautiful and Creates Pleasure). This exhibit was created in cooperation with artist and curator Jurgen Knubben. Works from selected artists, supported by abt-S over the past ten years, will be displayed. 
The exhibit will first be shown in Galerie ABTART in Stuttgart and then in Forum Kunst Rottweil, an innovative art association. Together with Kristina Semenova, it will be displayed at the Baumwollspinnerei. The exhibit is a very personal selection - the founder’s subjective look on her engagement in the arts. It is a walk through ten years of Karins support of the arts, which will also be documented in the accompanying exhibition catalogue.
Participating artists
Suzana Brborovic (Leipzig/Ljubljana), Lucia Dellefant (München), Peter Granser (Stuttgart), Monika Goetz (Berlin), Johannes Jensen (Stuttgart/Berlin), Fabian Kühfuß (Stuttgart), Pia Maria Martin (Stuttgart/ Nizza), Gabriela Oberkofler (Stuttgart), Renée & Thomas Rapedius (Berlin), Nadja Schöllhammer (Berlin), Tuguldur Yondonjamts (New York/ Ulaanbataar), Daniel Wagenblast (Stuttgart).

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Event archives 2013

15.11.2013 (Friday)

15.11.2013 - 16.11.2013

LIA: GROUP SHOW "Space for Change"

We would cordially like to invite you to the Group Show “Space for Change” taking place at the Spinnerei Leipzig. The international artists Ivan Gorshkov (Russia), Stephanie Pooley (Chile), David Ralph (Australia) and Maja Sofranac (Montenegro) will show their works made during their residency stay in Leipzig.

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21.09.2013 (Saturday)

21.09.2013 - 22.09.2013

INVITED - guest galleries at the Werkschauhalle

Here you will find an overview of the international guest galleries and artists at the Werkschauhalle during the Herbstrundgang on the 21./22. September.

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17.09.2013 (Tuesday)

17.09.2013 - 22.09.2013

Autumn gallery tour 2013

Again, the SPINNEREI cordially invites you to the Autumn Gallery Tour. On September 21 and 22, 2013 at 11 am all of the galleries and exhibition spaces open up new exhibitions of various art positions.

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17.06.2013 (Monday)

17.06.2013 - 24.06.2013

PANEL discussion in the WERKSCHAU: »The artist as social conscience«

Panel discussion on June 23rd 2013, noon, Werkschau

"The artist as social conscience"
Introduction and presentation:
Mark Gisbourne, writer and art critic
Prof. Arno Rink, artist
Miriam Vlaming, artist
Rayk Goetze, artist
Francis Mallett, curator The Lenkiewicz Foundation
Spinnereistr.7/Halle 12
04179 Leipzig
The panel discussion takes place on occasion of the exhibition: Robert Lenkiewicz »Menschliches, Allzumenschliches«

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