24.10.2018 (Wednesday)

24.10.2018 - 27.10.2018

Premiere at the Residenz - Schauspiel Leipzig

all inclusive
Julian Hetzel (Utrecht)
German premiere on October 24, 2018
In english language
“all inclusive” is a performance about the aestheticisation of violence. In his new work, Julian Hetzel continues his critical research on warfare by examining the paradoxical principle of “creation through destruction” and the explosive force of image wars. While the destruction of monuments and images have become tools of strategic warfare, the museum became an extension of the battlefield. Here, violence is transformed into art and turned into products for tourist consumption. What if the souvenirs are actually trophies? 

“all inclusive” juxtaposes art and war, tourists and refugees, reality and imagination in a journey through a temporary exhibition space. The audience is invited to watch a visit through a museum where reality strikes back.

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13.11.2018 (Tuesday)

13.11.2018 - 20.11.2018

Premiere at the Residenz - Schauspiel Leipzig

Barokthegreat (Verona) / Artists in Residence
Premiere on November 13, 2018
Chicago in the late 1990s. A new youth culture trend is making its way from the streets and corners into the mainstream: It is called Footwork. As with other forms of street dance, these footwork sessions are group events, and dancers challenge each other in “battles”. In time to the music, often played at breathtaking rates of 155 to 165 beats per minute, footwork is primarily an exercise in speed.  

The dancers’ feet disappear in flowing, flickering movements underneath a static torso – in the hypnotic eruption of the rhythms, the upper body keeps a motionless balance. The best footworkers read the music like a map, never failing to incorporate the subtle variations of dynamics and rhythm into their movements. DJs produce the music, influenced by house, drum and bass and Detroit techno, specifically for these dance sessions. 

Together with London-based director Simon Vincenci, the Italian performance group Barokthegreat, led by dancer Sonia Brunelli and musician Leila Gharib, explores footwork culture and intensifies the experience of street dance on stage. They are mainly interested in the ghostlike appearance of the dancing bodies’ limbs that seem to take on lives of their own, driven by a music that is based on separation and detachment.  

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Event archives 2017

26.10.2017 (Thursday)

26.10.2017 - 29.10.2017

Theater at WERKSCHAU hall 12

George Orwell’s 1984
Adapted and Directed by Laura Shann
1984 is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell. The novel is set in the superstate Oceania ; a world of perpetual war. The omnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation by a political regime controls and persecutes individualism and independent thinking.
The book has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, reaching numerous best seller lists. Due to the alarming similarities in today‘s world, 1984 stands as stark reminder of the possible outcomes of living in a totalitarian society.
This new stage adaption seeks to highlight the often named ‘predictive’ aspects of the story, whilst remaining loyal to the original plot.

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24.10.2017 (Tuesday)

StARTup – Art x Entrepreneurship: Volume 2

Tuesday, 24th of October, 6pm
Maix Mayer: barosphere, courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin
Leipzig is internationally renowned for its creative scene and is home to many artists. In the past years a bustling startup scene has also developed. However, both scenes seemingly have very few points of contact. But why? Don’t both artists & founders create new things out of nothing and, while doing so, risk a lot? Don’t both need inspiration to develop new ideas? What motivates them to then actually follow through with them – either by going to the studio or the trade office? And aren’t both involuntarily subject to market trends and have to find ways of financing their endeavors?

We want to discuss these questions together with one artist and entrepreneur in the event series „stARTup“. The kick-off event with Ryan Mosley (british painter) and Jan Winklemann (serial entrepreneur amongst others of received strong interest. This time we will focus on photography and discuss on Tuesday, the 24th of October at 6pm in the SpinLab with Maix Mayer, photographer, media and concept artist and Florian Meissner, co-founder and CEO EyeEm. Moderation: Franziska Jaster, Art Director Gallery EIGEN + ART.

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16.09.2017 (Saturday)

16.09.2017 - 14.10.2017

Philara Collection at Spinnerei Leipzig

Every Cult its Castle
Gil Bronner is returning to his roots and will show young art from his Duesseldorf Collection at Spinnerei Leipzig.
tl_files/spinnerei/News_und_Termine/Rundgang Herbst 2017/katja-tonnissen-habibi.jpg
Abbildung: Katja Tönnissen, Habibi, 2015 Photo: Achim Kukulies
The initial impulse of Gil Bronner’s passion for collecting happened in Leipzig in the 90’s, where he fell in love with the painting of the New Leipzig School. With the acquisitions he made there, he laid the foundations for his future collection. In 2006, Gil Bronner acquired the former Leitz factory in Düsseldorf-Reisholz. Where once folders and office ware went into serial production, a space for 70 artist studios and huge storage spaces was created on the outskirts of the city. The choice of contemporary artists whose works Gil Bronner has shown there since 2008 almost always included artists that were or would be part of the collection in the future, frequently acquiring works out of the shows to integrate them within the collection. Thus the collection was not only continuously enlarged, but also the past exhibitions were documented.

As of the 16th of September 2017, the Philara collection will show young, aspiring positions from the collection in Leipzig, thereby partially focusing on relatively unknown graduates of the Art Academy of Duesseldorf. Amongst others, these include works of: Silke Albrecht, Marc Bijl, Matthias Bitzer, Paul Czerlitzki, Sabrina Fritsch, Alex Grein, Christoph Knecht, Rosilene Luduvico, David Renggli, Sebastian Riemer, Andreas Schmitten, Katja Tönnissen and Anna Vogel.
The title ‘Every Cult it’s Castle’ marks the ironic treatment of the own obsessive drive caused through the passion of collecting.

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05.09.2017 (Tuesday)

StARTup – Art x Entrepreneurship @ SpinLab Leipzig

Tuesday, 5th of September at 6pm
Leipzig is internationally renowend for its creative scene and is home to many artists. In the past years also a bustling startup scene has developed. However both scenes seeminlgy have very few points of contact. But why? Don’t both artists & founders create new things out of nothing and while doing so risk a lot? Don’t both need inspiration to develop new ideas? What motivates them to then actually follow through with them – either by going to the studio or the trade office? And aren’t both involuntarily subject to market trends and have to find ways of financing their endeavors?

We want to discuss these questions together with one artist and entrepreneur in the event series „stARTup“. Our guests are the british painter Ryan Mosley and Jan Winkelmann, serial entrepreneur amongst others of / Moderation: Gerd Harry Lybke, Galerie EIGEN + ART

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10.06.2017 (Saturday)

10.06.2017 - 02.07.2017

WIN / WIN - Ankäufe der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen 2017

Die Kulturstiftung unterstützt jedes Jahr mit ihren Ankäufen ungewöhnliche, künstlerische Ansätze und hoffnungsvolle Talente. »Junge Künstler widmen sich mit großer Leidenschaft aktuellen Fragen und finden darauf überraschende sowie ungewöhnliche Antworten. Wir alle profitieren davon. Dieses Engagement verdient unsere Wertschätzung und eine angemessene Förderung«, sagt Stiftungsdirektor Ralph Lindner. 
In Kooperation mit der HALLE 14 werden seit 2011 nach jeder Juryentscheidung alle neu angekauften Kunstwerke in einer Ausstellung der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.

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09.06.2017 (Friday)

09.06.2017 - 02.07.2017

24. Leipziger Jahresausstellung: de.stabil

Artists: Rania Akl, Kurt Bartel, Wolfgang Böttcher, Reinhard Buch, Marc Dettmann, Thomas Geyer, Florian Göthner, Stephan Guggisberg, Franziska Güttler, Claas Gutsche, Manaf Halbouni, Fabian Heublein, Frenzy Höhne, Annika Kleist, Edgar Knobloch, Sebastian Komnick, Jonathan Kraus, Gero Künzel, Edgar Leciejewski, Metulczki, Gerhard Kurt Müller, Vlado Ondrej, Jochen Plogsties, Tanja Pohl, Sabine Prietzel, Dirk Richter, Jurek Rotha, Stefan Stößel, Thadeusz Tischbein, Kata Unger, Matthias Weischer, Sabine Weise, Constanze Zorn

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06.05.2017 (Saturday)

06.05.2017 - 20.05.2017

Premiere at Residenz of the Schauspiel Leipzig

Philipp Preuss - The Order of Appearance
„The Order of Appearance“ setzt dort an, wo der Theaterabend normalerweise endet: beim Applaus. Es ist eines der ältesten Rituale im Theater. Der Vorhang fällt, die SchauspielerInnen treten in ihren Kostümen vor den Vorhang und verneigen sich vor dem Publikum, während sie die Rollen, die sie gerade noch verkörperten, hinter sich lassen. Der Applaus bringt die gegenseitige Wertschätzung zwischen Bühne und Publikum zum Ausdruck. Ein durchinszenierter Moment für die unberechenbare, spontane Gefühlsentladung im Theater. Und weil im Theater nur wenig zufällig passiert gibt es auch für den Applaus für jedes Stück eine zuvor festgelegte Inszenierung. Die Applausordnung bestimmt, in welcher Reihenfolge die SpielerInnen auftreten, ob einzeln oder im Kollektiv, welcher Raum Stars und Komparsen eingeräumt wird, wer das Ensemble leitet und das Zeichen zur synchronen Verbeugung gibt.
In „The Order of Appearance“ treten von Antigone über Hamlet, Maria Stuart, Die Möwe, Bernarda Albas Haus, Warten auf Godot, Die Dämonen bis zu Publikumsbeschimpfung und A Still Life Still Alive die Dramatis Personae der Theatergeschichte zum Applaus an, ohne zuvor ihre Dramen verhandelt zu haben. Philipp Preuss fokussiert auf den Zwischenbereich zwischen Inszenierung und sozialer Praxis und zeigt Applausordnungen als Choreographie und Endspiel, in dem sowohl die inszenierte Huldigung der SchauspielerInnen als auch die Hierarchien, Machtstrukturen und Gemeinschaftsrituale des Theaters zum Ausdruck kommen.
Residenz in der Baumwollspinnerei 
Halle 18, Aufgang E,
Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig

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29.04.2017 (Saturday)

29.04.2017 - 19.05.2017


Die interdisziplinäre Gruppenausstellung „Open the Narrative“ an der Schnittstelle zwischen Bildender Kunst und Literatur wird von Lesungen junger AutorInnen begleitet.
Ausstellung: 29. April – 19. Mai
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag – Samstag 15:00 – 20:00  
Weitere Termine:
Sa | 29.04. | 18:00 Lesung mit Dorothee Elmiger, Kenah Cusanit und Lina Morawetz
Do |11.05. | 19:00 Lesung mit Maren Kames und Johanna Maxl
Do | 18.05. | 19:00 Führung durch die Ausstellung und Lesung mit Pascal Richmann und Peter Lünenschloß  
KünstlerInnen & Autorinnen: Alex Lebus, Dorothee Elmiger, Felix Leffrank, Jakub Šimčik, Johanna Maxl, Kenah Cusanit, Lina Morawetz, Maren Kames, Nicolás Rupcich, Pascal Richmann, Peter Lünenschloß, Stefanie Schröder, Situation Room, Yvon Chabrowski    
Ein Projekt der Initiative Wort & Bild e.V.  
Kuratiert von: Felix Leffrank, Jakub Šimčik, Johanna Maxl, Nicolás Rupcich.

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