The not-for-profit art space HALLE 14 has existed since 2002, using 20,000 m² of space in the largest production hall on the Spinnerei site.

HALLE 14 promotes contemporary art, and presents it to the public in various forms and in a way that invites discussion. A separate exhibition programme, an art library, the «Kreative Spinner» programme and partnerships with other institutions dedicated to promoting art, like the Universal Cube and the Columbus Art Foundation are the cornerstones of HALLE 14’s ambitious work.

Its non-commercial identity gives HALLE 14 a special role within the site community. It is primarily concerned with artistic and social themes, and, together with a network of partners, acts as an interface between universities and art markets.


Opening Hours During the Exhibition: tue-sun, 11am-18pm
Regular Opening Hours: Tue-Fri, 11am-18pm, Monday closed



Information about One-time or regular donations to HALLE 14, for one of our projects or for a current issue, you can find here.

Our Newsletter provides background information, contests and previews of new shows.