Set among studios, small workshops and attic apartments, the Meisterzimmer is a room to let. Like the whole site, this room has a creatively incomplete charm. The former women’s’ washroom can be used as a kitchen, the factory trolleys are moveable beds, and a small workbench is on hand for fits of creativity. This spacious room (116 m²) provides enough space to sleep 6 in total, and the front area also provides space for sports activities like pull-ups or table tennis. The little hermitage at 2.50 m provides a place where one can spend the night on a small bed after leafing through a selection of catalogues of Leipzig artists’ work or reading philosophical works. The view alone is well worth the climb. This sunny room is a good starting place for a ramble through the Spinnerei, which is sure to provide some new discoveries.



Opening soon

Ein urbaner Raum inmitten der Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei. Das einzigartige Flair der Location und die sehr gute Akustik, macht das ehemalige Klavierhaus vielfältig nutzbar.So sind neben diversen Feierlichkeiten, Schulungen, Lesungen, Empfängen und Weinverkostungen, auch Konzerten umsetzbar.


The DOKAN Dojo is an exercising place for Shotokan Karate Leipzig. Its director is Frank Berendt, who has attained the 4th dan in Shotokan Karate and is a Zen Buddhist monk. He teaches karate and other martial arts, zazen (seated meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation).


The LuRu-Kino is a small (60-seat) arthouse cinema which shows films every day.
It focuses mainly on current European arthouse cinema, but also shows classic films and US genre films. Its spacious foyer makes it an ideal meeting place for aficionados and fans of film, as well as for the Spinnerei’s artists, gallerists, residents and visitors. It is also possible to rent the whole cinema: