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from cotton to culture

More than 125 years ago, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei Aktiengesellschaft bought a plot of around 10 hectares on the western outskirts of Leipzig. By 1907, it had become the biggest cotton-spinning mill in continental Europe. This fascinating factory town, including workers’ homes, allotment gardens as well as the factory kindergarten, has survived intact to this day. In 1992 the then obsolete cotton-yarn factory complex has opened for redevelopment and it has witnessed continuous of change ever since. It was mostly artists who acted as the pioneers of revitalisation here, and as a consequence the Spinnerei has become home to more than 100 studios today. The first artists to set up in the former factory building included some well known international names, such as Neo Rauch, who continues to work here. In addition to the artists, it was possible to attract musicians, dancers, craftspeople, architects, traders, printers, designers and many others to set up shops and studios in the Spinnerei.

By the end of 2004, the Spinnerei had become well known as a centre for artistic production and it had succeeded in attracting the attention of Leipzig’s gallery scene. In 2005, six Leipzig galleries opened new exhibitions in the Spinnerei, one of the trailblazers being EIGEN + ART which opened a spectacular gallery in the former steam engine hall. The growing international interest in art from Leipzig acted as an incentive for additional tenants so that today the Spinnerei is home to 14 galleries and exhibitions. Galleries, resident artists and the nonprofit Hall 14 have created a “cosmos of art” which is without equal anywhere in the world. There is hardly any other big, commercially revitalised factory complex which can boast so many art enthusiasts while continuing to provide a sanctuary for many artists and other creative freelancers. Today, the Spinnerei is an authentic, historic factory complex whose soul is its many creative inhabitants and the contemporary content which they bring to it.

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