Hall 12, the former saddlery and needle case room build in 1899, is the most interesting hall of the SPINNEREI. The roof was refurbished and the ground drained so it could be used for interesting programs. The English artist Darren Almond for instance used the spot till April 2007 to prepare his project “terminus”.  Since then the Hall is used to invite international galleries or curators where they have the possibility to present their art within an impressive surrounding.

This hall is just a single-storey with an elaborate roof that gives the inside a genial light. A special feature is also the perfect symmetry of the main area. Elegant columns support the roof and approx. 900 square metres of useful area. In front of the main entrance an inner courtyard with trees give an idyllic sight. This area is situated very central at the compound of SPINNEREI opposite to the famous gallery EIGEN+ART. The facade is made of exposed concrete and appears deliberately different in comparison to the other historical buildings. A rolling door is reached over a ramp and allows good entrance even for big installations.

Past Exhibitions 

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