Robert Lenkiewicz, "Menschliches, Allzumenschliches"
Organized and curated by The Robert Lenkiewicz Foundation. First Solo Show by British painter Robert Lenkiewicz in Germany/ Leipzig. The Lenkiewicz Foundation is a registered educational charity (No. 1063357) created to preserve and disseminate the library, paintings and other original works of artist Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002). The charity's aims are to promote the aesthetic education of the public through study of the themes explored in the artist's Projects and to raise awareness of the thought-provoking life, work and ideas of Robert Lenkiewicz. TLF´s main emphasis is on the facilitation of exhibitions and related educational events in museums and galleries by lending extensively from its collection and with the support of private collectors it has access to the most significant work by the artist. TLF also provides a range of information resources for organisations wishing to include Lenkiewicz in their own programmes. Informationen: http://www.lenkiewiczfoundation.org/