Laden fuer Nichts

The Laden fuer Nichts (Shop for Nothing) was founded in 1998 by Uwe-Karsten Günther as a project space. Since then its appearance has changed continually. For some years this place offered young artists, mainly from Leipzig, an opportunity to test artistic presentations and experimental methods of self-expression. The LFN changed direction when it changed it´s location. The move into the Baumwollspinnerei in 2007 transformed the former Laden fuer Nichts project space into a commercial gallery. The gallery’s central interest is now to involve artists from outside the region and to seek for establishing a challenging, revolutionary gallery program.


Guest Artist:

  • Famed
  • Jonas Burgert
  • Jonathan Meese/ Herbert Volkmann
  • Jörg Ernert



Spinnereistraße 7 / Halle 18
04179 Leipzig
00 49 (0) 174 – 3 24 97 23

Wednesday till Friday 1 PM - 4 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 5 PM