LIA Leipzig International Art Programme

LIA is a non-profit residency programme that fosters artists internationally by providing them with spacious studios and cultural support, as well as opportunities to exhibit both locally and abroad. The programme links young artists with the regional and international art community associated with the Spinnerei, connecting them with galleries, collectors, museums and art institutions.

In 2008 the programme helped its residents to become regulars at galleries, to exhibit in German museums and show as guest artists in Galerie EIGEN + ART.

At LIA, both open studios and interdisciplinary panels offer the opportunity for a wider audience to access the world of art and to experience the place where art is created. In this way LIA aims to build a more personal connection between the artist and the audience encouraging discussions about art in the artist’s actual studio. Guest critics, such as professor of aesthetics, Bazon Brock, who attended in November 2008, are invited to contribute to these discussions.

LIA enjoys fruitful partnerships with prestigious international art institutions such as: The Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel; The Japan Foundation, Tokyo; The New York Academy of Art, NYC, and The Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam. Together, alongside the programme’s main sponsor, BMW Plant Leipzig, our partners made it possible for fourteen artists from nine different countries to take part in the LIA programme in 2008. Artists from Australia, Japan, Ireland, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Puerto Rico, the USA and the Ukraine were included. In 2009, Spain, Italy, France and the UK were added to the list of guest nations.

The LIA programme is also supported by the Department for European and International Cooperation, Leipzig. This enables us to extend our hospitality to both Ukrainian and Ethiopian artists from our partner cities of Kiev and Addis Ababa. LIA is Leipzig’s official art residency programme, and Leipzig’s Lord Mayor, Burkhard Jung, is our patron.

Anna-Louise Rolland - Founder and Curator

Marina Diaz Molina - Coordination - 0049 (0) 151 10026186
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LIA Leipzig International Art Programme
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