Europa / Eutopia - a politicial exhibition by CHTO


Europa / Eutopia is a unique multimedia-based exhibition by the franco-jewish artist CHTO, in which he confronts the European reality with a utopia. The exhibition is currently caught by the sad actualities – the countless refugees – who on their way full of hopes towards an apparently safe Europe struggle every day for their lifes and their future.
The gigantic installation “Europa / Eutopia” - a haunted forest of 1000 square meters - will come to the senses of every visitor by following a path covered in autumn leaves through a forest of birch trunks passing by a run-down capitalist civilisation and a wooden border, which has to be crossed. A rotating sound narration takes the visitor from one corner of this haunted landscape to another, and exposes him with idyllic bird sounds and the brutal noises of civilization. The videos, light boxes, and sculptures exhibited, give life to a potential story in which anger, fear, and a fragile sense of hope are struggling against one another. On the night of the vernissage - only on request - visitors will be allowed to stay overnight, bringing their sleeping bags in order to experience this political fiction in the whole and with all senses.
The origin of the exhibition is CHTO’s views on the present Europe: Europe, now, at the beginning of the 21st century, has become a complete dystopia. It has reached a point where it can be seen as a hegemonic technostructure, built to create a corporate paradise, with clear undemocratic procedures, and trying tragically to define its unity, its identity by a murderous policy against migrants. Europa / Eutopia, the exhibition, shows the dystopia that the European project has
become and at the same time continues the work carried by CHTO to redesign, reshape and rethink the European space in terms of future rather than past. In this immersive art environment, CHTO shapes a new vision of Europe as a space of “in-betweeness”, where multiplicities are embraced instead of being continuously and murderously annihilated by the restrictive borders of old ontological categories.

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