LIA: GROUP SHOW "Space for Change"


Opening on Friday, November 15th at 7 pm
Spinnereistrasse 7, hall 18, 2nd floor
Opening Hours: Saturday, 16th, 11 am-6 pm

Ivan Gorshkov: The Sculptures, paintings and drawings of Ivan Gorshkov are placed between the abstract and figurative, static and motion. Ivan mainly works with large formats and with “stubborn” materials. He creates sculptures that remind us of the creatures we believed in during our childhood.

Stephanie Pooley: Stephanie's work is a constant reflection about established social parameters. She questions reality and investigates into finding truth. By using fantastic elements from her childhood she reinvents reality. It’s her way of criticizing lack of awareness in daily life.

Maja Sofranac: “I am interested in the totality of existence of man - the experience of birth, the experience of life, the psychophysical nature, the complexity of the body, the layers of psyche, the incomprehensible life energy, the experience of disappearing, etc. I am interested in a modern, contemporary mankind, i.e. a universal mankind, a future mankind. I am interested in everything that makes mankind”.

David Ralph: David's subject matters reflect on how environments are build, cities and dwellings shape human experiences and create identities. His paintings address the psychology of architectural spaces and what they can tell about the people responsible for them and those who inhabit them.

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