PASSAGE indicates a process of crossing boundaries, which takes place not only in a physical sense but also symbolically – in the work of art. Formal rules of painting, photography and sculpture are challenged, elements from various forms of media are appropriated and newly defined. In their work, many of the invited artists react to the place in which they find themselves at a certain moment in time, and this allows them to be led by new impulses later, in different locations. However, together with the notion of movement PASSAGE relates also to a moment of transition between two points or conditions. It could suggest certain instability, which demands taking a decision in which way to go. The phenomenon is reflected and analysed in the artists’ works. The analysis starts "from within" – that is to say, the artists examine the individual components and aspects of the objects they create, experimenting with them, deconstructing them and using them in new ways. However the artists’ concerns go far beyond the actual work of art, its aesthetic and formal parameters and the boundaries of the exhibition space. Thus the project reacts and comments on phenomena marking to a great extend our everyday life: the rapid restructuring of contemporary societies and the breakdown of traditional relationships this entails; the opening up of political, economic and cultural systems that goes hand in hand with the development of resistance and disassociation from outside influence; the emergence of new social constellations involving formerly unrelated groups of individuals; the interaction and the clash between cultures.
The main element forging a link between the invited artists and influencing their artistic approach is the fact that they are themselves conscious of being part of a (artistic, social, economic) system. Thus the exhibition is a mean to express their own social and artistic position within the environment and the society in which they live and work and which is in a constant move. 
Presented by FUTURE OF EUROPE Society for Contemporary Art Leipzig & Association ECHOS Lyon
Supported by:
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
PERSPEKTIVE – Fonds pour l’art contemporaine & l’architecture
City of Leipzig
Région Rhône-Alpes
Autorise Toute Créativité
Cineparts – audiovisuel professionnel

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