Schauspiel Leipzig - Residence At Spinnerei


Transit – between the living and the dead … According to Jewish folklore, the dybbuk is an oft-malevolent spirit of the dead. It enters into the body of a living person and causes them to behave irrationally. The spirit can only be driven out by engaging it physically and psychically to learn what it wants.

The performance »Der Dybbuk« (»The Dybbuk«) examines ghostly manifestations, spiritual fervour and forms of possession. It combines the striking poses of flamenco with the transcendental phenomena of the spirit. The famous Polish film »Dibuk« (1937) by Michal Waszyński served as a source of inspiration.

Anna Natt, born in 1975 in Minneapolis / USA, received flamenco training in Seville from 2000-05. She has lived in Berlin since 2005, where she teaches at the dance school Centro Flamenco. She founded the performance group Crystal Tits in 2009. Anna Natt also dances with compagnie El contrabando in Solothurn / Switzerland. She participated in the competition »Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo« (»Best German dance solo«) with her solo »Uro« during euro-scene Leipzig 2013.

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