Publishing and printing

“We’re as big as you need us to be”
Varied printed matter, creative mailings and fascinating events – anything is possible. Our flexible setup has much to recommend it. Added to classic print workshop products, our enthusiasm and talent for bringing things together can be harnessed for your company event. From invitation cards to posters, from catalogues to digital picture processing – we have everything covered. We have years of experience and a fund of new idea to ensure that you make the right impression on your customers.

Studio for lithography/ Tobias Reinicke and Stephan Rosentreter
Publisher of artists books

“Fathoming the depths”

Vlado Ondrej, artist, founder and the mastermind behind the Leipzig Intaglio Printshop, seeks to use intaglio to fathom the depths of artistic vision: he is fascinated by this printmaking medium and wishes to share his knowledge of it with his contemporaries. For the origins of intaglio are elementary impressions and mechanical traces in the depths of the material – historically, intaglio originated as indelible adornments incised on metal weaponry. By rubbing ink into the grooves and impressions drawn on the printing plate, after printing, the drawing stands out in relief, coming into the light from the depths as it were.

“Inspired momentum”

The Leipzig Intaglio Printshop seeks to exploit the opportunities of printmaking, in opposition to current inclinations of art schools for instance, to downplay, if not to liquidate the “old” printmaking techniques in the name of the “new” media. Yet, Vlado Ondrej’s declared objective is not to celebrate or fetishize the purely technical attributes of intaglio, and to thus generate eternally recurring panegyrics of the same: his aim is simply to inspire artists to create works of contemporary art, in a professional atmosphere inducing independent experimental research.

(Oliver Kossack)


Graphic design

Conception // Book and Catalogue Design // Typography // Logo // Poster // Graphics // Corporate Design // Design for exhibitions, museals, cultural institutions as well as for cultural branches of economy in cooperation with writers, producers and programmers at the SPINNEREI and beyond. Cooperation including Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jewish Museum Berlin), Stadtmuseum Dresden, ACC Galerie Weimar, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, SPINNEREI, ostrale – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Dresden, obart – das Kunstlabel im sächsischen Oberland (obart – the art label at the Saxon Oberland), Wagner Denkmal e.V.

Fine art print making workshop/ Thomas Siemon

Book design, illustration, cover design, and bookbinding
In Graphisches Atelier, Katja Zwirnmann combines bookbinding with book concepts, book design and illustration. Graphisches Atelier can single-handedly implement a book project from square one, finding the right look and printing process for each book. The book workshop provides quality binding for limited editions and single items. Visitors will also find a range of original graphic books, postcards and posters.


Architecture and urban planning, design, art and photography
Texts, redaction, editing, research
Project development and management
Preparing text and book concepts
Evaluating and developing ideas for published work
Financial planning advice, help in finding a backer or publishing house




Educational media projects

Educational media projects for children and young people – mainly in film, but also in other artistic and information media. Open air cinema events.

Webdesign & Mediengestaltung
Beratung, Konzeption & Entwicklung für/von Webseiten
Responsive Screendesign, CMS
Grafikdesign, Fotografie, Bildbearbeitung, Text

schmidtFilm has been producing film and TV documentaries, reports, features and TV programs for more than 10 years.
We work for German state television, for Dutch television and for ARTE. Art, culture, music, current events history and science are the dominant themes. We travel all over the world, making documentaries, reports and TV programs. Our films tell gripping and entertaining stories. They reveal peoples, cultures and the unknown, and probe beneath the surface. schmidtFilm develops themes and material, has an outstanding and reliable research department, and also offers a location scouting service for eastern Germany, the Netherlands and Georgia.