The building we know today as Hall 12 was built in 1899 as a saddlery and a needle setting workshop. Large upright skylight constructions provide the interior with abundant daylight. Getting the means needed to restore the complex roof over Hall 12’s single storey (which contains 900 sqm of usable space) was not easy, but in 2006, the Spinnerei was fortunate enough to have the English artist Darren Almond using Hall 12 for a time, and the combined efforts and finances of the artist, Germany’s antiquities and monuments office and the Spinnerei led to the roof being repaired and a new flooring slab being installed. The first art installation in the building was Darren Almond’s impressive project “Terminus”, involving 14 bus stops taken from Auschwitz. Since then, Hall 12, as the venue for WERKSCHAU, has been in regular use both for in-house and for guest exhibitions.